Establishment of Little Hearts was done in the month of June 1998 (after taking up from smt.Ghanta Gayatri) with a strength of 135 students under Gautham Educational society. Within a span of 17 years the school gained very good rapot reflecting the administrative skills of the management with dedication and hard work of the staff as well.

From the Prinicipal desk

I am honoured and very much privileged to be the Principal of Little hearts school. It is my pleasure to work with our staff and parents in moulding my children for the best they can be.

Our School Motto “Krushitho Nasti Durbhiksham” sums up the services and commitment of  both teaching and Non-teaching staff to nurture the potential of every child, developing personal excellence in a caring environment.

All the students are taught the skills and values necessary to achieve  success in education, life and at work.

I believe that a student with real capability, confidence and independence can make a positive contribution to  existing society.

I do believe in an open door policy and urge all the parents to take the opportunity to discuss any issue with me so that we can move forward together to build child’s career.


" Krushitho Nasthi Durbhiksham"


The school aims at the value education programme. Little Hearts school stimulates reflection and introspection (contemplation of one's own thoughts, feelings and sensation: self examination) about issues that have moral and ethical relevance.

The classes run in a play way and activity based method with group discussions which develop the leadership qualities among the students.

The digital smart classes enable students to visualise the concepts of the subjects on the big screen and helps students to have best vocabulary.

LHS aims at the personality development of the student by enhancing the independent method of reasoning which supports the group discussion and also helps the students to deal with hurdles in future.


The administrators regard education as a building process. For efficient implementation of academic plans regular checking, follow up action and corrective measures are taken up at regular intervals. Encouragement for participation in all India Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad, UIEO exams, is given to the students every year by the administrators. 

Students get trained to read the text book with a view to present the answers of their own. The positive thinking of the administrators towards conducting the revision tests and objective type tests after completion of every lesson helps the student to get a thorough knowledge of the lesson and to over come the fear of exams.

Our Vision

  • One seed can start a forest.
  • One word can frame a goal.
  • One candle can wipe out darkness.
  • One Ideal School like LITTLE HEARTS can make the best future citizens.


The present organisation adopted the concept of Gauthama Buddha's preaching of

"Wisdom and enlightment of mind and soul."

Little Hearts School has been established with an intention to mould the children into blissful and also ideal personalities in future. The intention and the aim to give responsible citizens to the nation will never end.

The school strives to impact value based education to bring about a transformation in the hearts of 

Little Hearts Students to become noble citizens,able leaders and become self relient.